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Janay Neufeld M.A. Ed.

Hello, my name is Janay Neufeld. I am a former 2nd -Grade teacher turned online reading interventionist and life coach for kids! I help students worldwide increase their confidence and reading skills with positive mindset training, helping them reach their full potential!

I knew I wanted to be an educator and work with children since I was young. It's a beautiful feeling to live out my life's purpose and passion through tutoring! I love helping struggling readers develop their skills, believe in themselves, and gain tremendous confidence. 

I have my multiple subject teaching credential for grades K-8th (in California), a Masters of Arts in Education, a Reading Interventionist Certification, and I am a certified life coach for kids.  

Starting, I worked in a 2nd-grade classroom, which I loved. I quickly saw that I wasn't going to give every student the individual attention and education they deserved. I love tutoring because I get to know my students more profoundly. I can make an individualized learning plan for them, cater to their specific interests, and see more progress overall!

Since starting My Online Reading Tutor, I am now solely offering my services online for reading. I chose to focus exclusively on reading because I love to be a part of the journey as a child learns to navigate the world of reading. I love to watch students work hard, begin to click with their reading, and then take off full force to the point of not wanting to put a book down! 

My unique approach combines positive mindset training (through my kids life coaching certification) and reading skills to help children reach their goals and excel in all areas of life.

The best part about offering online services is that there are fewer limiting factors than in-person tutoring. No weather, traffic, or distance can stand in the way of a session. There is no driving, picking up, or dropping off for parents in their already busy lives. Whether you have a child struggling with reading or want them to get ahead, I am here to help!



Janay is also a certified life coach for kids through Adventures in Wisdom. This approach uses stories to lead kids through mindset training.

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