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As soon as I receive the news that you have registered, I will reach out via your preferred contact method and schedule a time to assess your child free of charge. Once we do the initial assessment, I will ask the parent(s) to hop on the Zoom call to chat about your child's assessment results and any concerns you currently have. Together, we will come up with an individualized learning plan for your child. The assessment will help me to determine how many days may be necessary for your child to receive support. We will set our weekly days and times to meet and then work on meeting those goals on your child's learning plan!

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At My Online Reading Tutor, we consider each student's needs and interests to build the most effective personalized learning plan! We assess right away to find out exactly where they stand, implement systematic reading instruction that follows the science of reading, and re-assess every three months to ensure progress and adjust their learning goals.

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